love list


A few things I loved this week:

Sarah, my fearless & amazing stylist. Yesterday I showed her a couple photos of Ginnifer Goodwin’s gorgeous pixie cut and she made it happen. My hair has never been this short. It feels fabulous! Wish I’d taken the leap and done it sooner.

Michelle is sending out ripples of yup, you guessed it, *love* this week. When you’re done reading my list, stop over to her blog and leave a comment for a chance to win one of her gorgeous photo prints.

Ted Talks play list on creativity:  the creative spark. I loved them all but the ones that followed me around for days afterward, haunting & taunting me, were the ones by Stefon Harris, John Bohannon, Isaac Mizrahi, and Elizabeth Gilbert.

I really want a crochet crown like this one.

Who cares about Christmas! Let the paper chain countdown to November 22 begin:

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2 thoughts on “love list

    • You’re welcome Michelle! I’m kinda hooked on those Ted talks lately. Glad you liked the Elizabeth Gilbert one!

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