This weekend I’m being very still so that my happiness (hummingbirds) will get comfy and stay a while. So far it’s working.

I also finished this blanket {Ravelry project page here} and tucked it away for winter. It will bring some happiness & cheer after the hummers have gone south.

And then I made cookies to appease the gods of chocolate.They were a little cranky.

And then I started a little granny mandala with some scrap cotton, that will become a patio table cloth.

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6 thoughts on “#weekending

  1. I used to make those no-bake cookies ALL the TIME. That gives me such flashbacks …

    I love what you did with the color distribution on this blanket. Looks great.

  2. I love the idea of being able to watch humming birds whilst crocheting but sadly will not happen. I love your blanket – I think you should move to the uk so you can use it all year round! :)

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